Water is one of our basic needs required daily. Water quenches our thirst; water carries out maximum biological processes in our bodies. So, water is very crucial in sustaining our lives. We intake 2 to 3 liters of water every day to make sure our bodies can function smoothly. Water helps to keep us hydrated and flushes out all the toxic material from our bodies. As we all know, the 2/3rd portion of the earth consists of water, but the maximum quantity of water is not safe for drinking. Hence, we need to make water potable for us. Pool available from different sources is contaminated with various types of toxic materials like arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia, etc. There can be numerous germs and living microbes in your drinking water too if not treated properly. So, this seems to be mandatory to treat water in proper ways to get rid of unwanted diseases. We use water purifiers at home to manage our drinking water properly.

Modern technology used in water purifier

  • RO technology

 Eureka Forbes service is one of the leading RO techniques manufacturers in India. It consists of a semi-permeable membrane that filters out colloidal, dissolved impurities and germs in the water. Although it is beneficial, the water coming off lacks the minerals that we need. RO purifier is good where water is hard, but Microbes and bacteria are not destroyed if you have only RO in your water purifier.

  • UV technology

 The Ultraviolet Ray is instrumental when it comes to destroying harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and fungi. If you live in some areas where contamination is high, you must go for an RO water purifier with UV. The water purifier consists of a lamp illuminating UV rays. And these rays help in eradicating 99.99% of harmful microbes. 

  • UF technology

This is similar to RO except it has bigger pores in the semi-permeable membrane that can sieve colloidal and pathogenic organisms of water. This should be used where water is soft. But, UV technology is much more useful than it.

Water purification at a larger quantity

Water supplied by the municipality and corporation has been reported to be unhygienic and contaminated in many cases. But, this is crucial to treat the city provided water properly because a large number of people are dependent on the water, and any contamination present in the water can create an epidemic situation in a locality. This severe problem can only be solved if the proper type of water purification plant is used to purify the water.

When there is a need for purifying a large amount of water just like municipality, industrial RO plant is used. This is easy to install, and the servicing procedure is also not so trouble making. It possesses a fully automatic system. So, this needs no type of supervision while the purification procedure is going on. This helps to get safe drinking water as well as safe water for any other purpose. This is capable of removing active and inactive bacteria too which is very important in industrial utilities.

If you consider searching online, you will come across lots of RO plant manufacturers working over the years consistently. The requirement and the set up of the water plant vary as per the client’s situation. These manufacturers engineer the water plants as per the client’s specifications. The main characteristics of this type of industrial water plant include:

  • They are eco-friendly
  • Consumes lesser power
  • Requires low maintenance
  • No breakdown
  • A large quantity of water can be processed in a minimal period

This type of RO plant is mainly used in schools, hospitals, buildings, malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Several industrial RO manufacturers in India have been serving us for decades with the best quality RO plants. So, this can seem to be a challenge to find out the best type of RO plant for the industrial purpose that too within budget. Here are some suggestions with brief and salient features to make your job a little more smooth-

Automatic 250 LPH RO Plant:

  • It costs Rs. 69,000/- only
  • It is capable of purifying 200-500 liters of water per hour
  • The RO plant consists of four filters. So, the water passes through four types of filters to get the best result
  • The maximum water recovery rate ranges from 55 to 60 percent

 SATYANEER 250 LPH Stainless Steel RO System:

  • It costs 49,500/- only
  • This possesses a compact design
  • It is easy to function and for handling too
  • The purified water production capacity is 250 LPH
  • This has a stainless steel frame which is sturdy and ensures prolonged durability

Generic 500 Lph Ro Plant Water Purifier Systems

  • Consists of an NSF Certified Membrane
  • Capable of 11000 Liter per Day Duty Cycle
  • Has a dry run protection


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