Numerous hard-working men and women across the globe work in surroundings that have a constant risk of fires lurking close-by throughout the year. This continuous risk has caused the authorities to be active and involved even more towards the safety and well-being of the individuals working in these areas.

The employers who have their workers working in the regions that have a constant threat of fires are required to provide flame-resistant workwear to their employees, by law. All this has caused a rise in the purchase of flame-resistant workwear all over the United States.

Boston has more than 10.4% of its population employed in industries that face a constant threat of arc flashes and fires in their working environment, and so they require using flame-resistant workwear at all times without fail. Due to this high number, Boston, has a high demand for flame-resistant workwear. To facilitate the people of “Beantown” and save you from being scammed, cheated, and to keep you protected, we have done some thorough research and listed down the best places to buy flame-resistant workwear in Boston, Massachusetts.

Website Address:

Contact number: Toll-Free Number: +1-888-551-0950, Text Messaging Number:(813)-344-0919, International Number: +1-813-344-0919

Email Address: is one of the top stores in all of the United States when we talk about flame-resistant workwear. They are known to provide the best quality flame-resistant workwear at very reasonable rates, possibly the lowest in the industry. stocks on some of the most renowned, good quality flame-resistant brands and make sure that they have all the styles and sizes available. This ensures that each customer, no matter what taste he has or how large or small he is, will definitely find something for themselves. Some of the many famous brands which they offer are Carhartt, Dickies, Bulwark, ML Kishigo, Rothco, OccuNomix, Walls FR, etc. These guys know how important and crucial flame-resistant workwear is for the countless men and women who work these dangerous jobs. So thoroughly inspects and checks each article with fine details and only selects the items which meet all the safety standard requirements.

They are a store that knows how to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and so have become the leaders of the industry of flame-resistant workwear.  To achieve customer satisfaction, they have hired a special team that caters to their customers 24/7 and help them out in every way possible. They have a kind, return/exchange policy and have no compulsions of minimum orders.

They also provide a same-day shipping option (available If the order is placed by noon according to Eastern Time). These guys also nullify all the shipping charges if the order exceeds $149. All this makes them one of the best places to buy flame-resistant workwear in Boston, Massachusetts.


Address:  80 E Cottage St, Dorchester, MA 02125, United States.

Unifirst is a store that specializes in providing all sorts of uniforms. They have been in the market for almost 84 years and have been providing top-notch service and high-grade flame-resistant workwear consistently. Unifirst is known to deliver three things, which are quality, variety, and affordability. They don’t house a lot of brands but have a good range because they produce their own line of clothing. Some of their top brands are, Armorex FR (by UniFirst), Bulwark, Wrangler, etc.

They also have a uniform rental service and so get a lot of business from the people of Boston. UniFirst is a very customer focused store and so always pay attention to their customers. They go the extra mile to facilitate and satisfy their customers and make sure that they never leave their store empty-handed. All this has made them one of the top flame-resistant workwear stores in Boston.  They are functional five days a week, and their timings are from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm.

Work N’ Gear

Address: 1810 Washington St. Suite 5&6, Hanover, MA 02339, United States.

Work N’ Gear is another giant when it comes to supplying high-quality flame-resistant workwear to the people of Boston. Work N’ Gear understands just how critical a role flame-resistant workwear play in the lives of the hard-working men and women and so perpetually strives to provide its customers with the best flame-resistant workwear that fits their budget. They house some strong brands such as Carhartt, Wolverine, Bulwark, Helly Hansen, Berne, etc. Work N’ Gear is a customer-centric store and thinks a lot about their customers.

This is why they pay; they have a very strong customer service unit and treat their customers with the utmost respect and attention. This behavior of Work N’ Gear has enabled them to be one of the top stores for over 20 years in all of Boston, Massachusetts. They open for work throughout the week. The timings are Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sundays from 12 pm (noon) to 5 pm.

These are the best stores to buy flame-resistant workwear in all of Boston, Massachusetts,  keeping in mind the stock quality, the pricing, and the level of customer service being delivered. Do give these stores a go and tell us what you feel.


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