Shifting to a new place is not any easy as it seems to be, things can turn out pretty bad sometimes. But it shouldn’t be hard to search for a wonderful and thoughtful house warming gift. So, we are here with some amazing ideas of house warming gifts.

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It doesn’t depend on how costly or expensive your gift is, it depends on how thoughtful it is. Here, we have some simple but elegant ideas for house warming. I know you all are waiting so, lets get into it.

  • Indoor herb garden in jars

If the person loves herbs and small plants around in their apartment, then this would be a perfect idea. even though they moved to a smaller place, these little babies won’t take up much space and will give a feeling of refreshment. All you need to do is plant some seeds, give water and wait.

  • Welcome mat

Any normal type of welcome mat would be boring, but you could make it interesting by picking the ones with words saying hello and some other stuff. You can your all your creativity and make some personalised ones which will be worth staring at.

  • Flower vase

A beautiful flower vase can add a divine look to any place. You can gift them a set of these which can go on their book shelves windowsills and other places. We are completely sure that they will be impressed for sure.

  • Measuring cups

Some good designed measuring cups will surely give them a push to make some delicious recipes and will also keep what ever they make precise. The design choice is left to you, you can go for floral, Marian or any type of your choice.

  • Magnetic key holder

Having the trouble of searching for keys in all the different purses you have can be a bit stressful and irritating. So, in such cases a key holder will come in handy. When its magnetic, anything metal will have a place on this holder, which is completely amazing.

  • Spice rack

Seeing all your spice jars here and there in the shelves will surely not make you excited for cooking, and a spice rack like this is the perfect solution for your problems. It will not only keep your spices organised but will also save up a lot of space for you.

  • Laundry basket

If your friend already has one, they can still make use of this in their guest bedrooms or to throw in some extra blankets.

  • Concrete bath accessory set

These will come in a lot handy compared to the plastic ones you get at the drug store, and they look pretty stylish too. You can get online housewarming gift if they are not available near you.

  • Tea kettle made of copper

This will add up a lot of royalty and history to your friend’s house for sure.

  • Metal straws

These will keep them a lot more hygienic and will also reduce a lot of waste that might be cause by the plastic straws.


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