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「Double C」has become a pride in fashion world, and it is also the brand that women on the earth most want to have. Surprise! Latest china news at Discount Price Eternal Chanel. Chanel has already become the most famous brand of the world; the classical Double-C Logo will forever sweep across the fashion world and never absent.Believe it or not, china news is My Mother's Favorite!

GABRIELLE CHANEL born in 1883 and passed away in 1971. Be More Photogenic in china news COCO was her nick name. 8 Easy Tutorials to Mix and Match china news Though she had left us for many years, her classical style would always be the origin for fashion world. What’s New? Essentials of china news Come out in Kansas She most likes to use black and white to creat beauty. china news Boots Before Peach Flower Festival That is a beauty of aesthetic feeling and perfect harmony.

She left many fashionable ideas which could guide the current fashion directly. She thought beauty was both inside and outside, and style would never be out of date thought fashion was always making new. At the same time, she believed that the simpleness is the best way to present nice nature. The classic design she left include that No.5 perfume and twill tweed and double-color shoes and black dress and so on. Classical accessory was to insist that let women's bare hands exploded out wear hand bags with chain belt, her favorable camellia, was still boomed in packet embossment pattern of dinner bags with silk fabric.

Since Chanel started career with clothes, early in 1925, she began to produce few blusher, lipstick and skin care products for consumers and herself. In 1921, No.5 perfume launched in the market, and she began to develop perfumes, cosmetics, and now Chanel perfumes and cosmetics had became very successful project. They introduce a new perfume once in a while. In leading the fashion of cosmetics, Chanel also take great pains: they introduce a new product every season and takes off in the next season! All the products are attractive and charming. Chanel also release skin care series in recent years. Whole series are skin care program designed for every texture: oily skin, neutral skin and dry skin.

Chanel is very smart and dare to challenge tradition, liberating tradition to against with earthliness. She bravely said that "Could we move by wearing a big hat?" and then finished the time of huge-hat for women. Her simple female hat had become the leading fore of fashion. She had many innovative ideas which can't using over. She showed out collision and intensive understand to human hearts and the same time.

Chanel didn't marry all her life.She created the great fashion empire and seeked the life she wanted at the same time. Herself is the best example for the independence of female and she is a woman who knows the pleasure of feelings most in the new era. She kept touch with the British aristocrat Etienne Balsan who subsidized her to open the first female hat boutique. And Arthur Capel aided her financially to open fashion boutiques. Every man in her life motivated her innovation. She became successful not only because good fortune but also serious hard working.

Quote a sentence from Chanel"I can't understand the reason why woman can't make up before going out just for politeness,who konws whether the day can be a meaningful one of his life?" The fashion of women and the Chanel spirit of women make the world more beautiful and colorful.

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